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"The most remarkable and sustainable transformations occur when there is a magical combination of individual growth, team motivation and a focused company ambition."

-Kevin Allen, CEO, Re:kap




“It's not easy to engage MBAs but Kevin Allen did just that through his powerful global perspective, warn storytelling manner and his passion for sharing valuable lessons learned from his illustrious career. He is welcome back at Columbia Business School Anytime.”


- Joe Plummer, Professor of Marketing, Columbia University


“There is an aura, an energy, a passion and openness that accompanies Kevin into every exchange. It’s infectious, endlessly optimistic, it always makes a difference.”


- David Bell, Chairman Emeritus, The Interpublic Group


“The outcome of an engagement with Kevin Allen will be greater clarity about how strategically you are going to grow and that endures.”


- Tony Wright, Chairman, Lowe Worldwide


“Kevin brings a very rich and human perspective to every business challenge; his intuitive understanding of complex organizations, his astute navigation of interpersonal dynamics, his ability to leverage the amazing power of diverse human experiences across a team, and an ability to uplift and inspire those around him.”


- Steven Overman, Kodak


"Don't just schedule a speaker for your next meeting, book a strategic inflection point, instead: Kevin Allen. Kevin is an extraordinary resource. A legendary rainmaker with style and panache who will enable you and your people to rediscover senses of persuasion and advocacy that have been tragically dulled by a world of search engines, apps, processes, and way too many presentations in the boilerplate archive. He's a walking, talking testament to the principles, 'We all want to be sold, and must be served. We could have booked one of so many pop management evangelists for our meeting and ginned up the organization for a few weeks. Instead, we invited Kevin Allen, and he changed our agency forever."


- Rick Segal, President Worldwide & Chief Practice Officer, Gyro


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