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“Kevin and his team facilitated both a senior leadership meeting and our most recent sales meeting - on both occasions the absolute commitment of re:kap, from initial conversations to final goodbyes was flawless. They immediately grasped the dynamics and dreams of our company and helped us create a tangible platform for our messages. Kevin and Ed helped us to look at our business differently and inspired us to fundamentally change how we communicate our core strengths to our customers.”


Helen O’Leary,

Global Director of Sales, EMEA & Strategic Accounts

Our robust and scalable Growth Masterclass Series will leave you:



                   Inspired to believe that you can accomplish anything

                   Encouraged that the person you are can do it

                   Equipped to do your job effectively



We know that training is more effective when its relevant and targeted to your specific responsibilities. For that reason we tailor each of the following topics to one of three levels depending on the audience:


                   High Fliers (For Senior Leaders)

                   Catalysts (For Experienced Leaders and Middle Managers)

                   Rising Stars (For Emerging Leaders)


Our series of master-classes are designed and delivered by growth practitioners, to give you everything you need to feel re-energised and ready to go.


We’ve grouped the master-classes into three main themes, each designed to build your expertise within a particular area. Our training style is open, participative and highly inspired.


Master-classes can also be delivered in combination, as in-depth day immersions, as one-to-one tutorials or as part of a longer Performance Readiness Program.

The Hidden Agenda (Influencing Skills)


How to win business and create a following through identifying and connecting to the Hidden Agenda, the visceral, unspoken emotional motivation behind every decision.


Profiling (Four Box Personality Model)


Your turn to be the psychologist. Four profile types based on Jungian theory give you invaluable insight and a practical tool to understand and reach unique personality types effectively.


How to Chase, Pitch and Win (New Business Skills)


A lively pitch veteran’s ten pillars of organizing for, targeting, pursuing, pitching and winning the accounts you seek.


Growing Your Existing Clients (Grow Current Clients)


Transform your account teams from farmers to hunters, building the best of growth practices to drive growth and client satisfaction.

The Killer Brief (Creative Brief Writing)


The Killer Brief will show you how to ensure consistent, brilliant marketing communications, create laser sharp customer focus, and how to give clear creative direction. Most importantly you’ll be learning from the best in the business.


Getting To The Big Idea  (Developing The Value Proposition)


Getting to the Big Idea will change the way you manage the creative process, talk to creative teams and get great results with every project.


Selling The Idea (Pitching Internally)


Have great ideas but can’t get anyone to listen? Selling the idea will show you how to present brilliantly, create influence and win support from key stakeholders, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

The Buoyant Leader (Management and Motivation)


Leading in the demand economy calls for embracing new practices, new language, the application of high EQ leadership practices and the ability to crystallize a collective ambition. This session will show you how to evangelise, coach and guide your team to success.


Change Readiness (The Human Side Of Change Management)


A practical guide to managing positive transformation with emphasis on the management of human dynamics via change typologies.


The Taming of The Crew (Managing Multi-Disciplinary Teams)


A guide to turning multi-disciplinary groups into a high performance team. Out of many comes one, but how many have tried collaborative pursuit, all for it to end in tears?  We know today’s business environment calls for seamless communities of talent, but how do you make that a practical reality?


" A totally different, inspiring approach to any training I've had previously."

Frank Ralph

Senior Art Director

Employing best practices from some of the world’s most celebrated marketing campaigns, this 2 day program provides the inspiration, secrets, and toolbox of techniques necessary to lead, motivate, sell and realize groundbreaking work.


Inspire, Encourage, and Equip your team to create a breakthrough brand communications strategy.



   Sessions Include:



  • Marketing the 21st Century Brand
  • Creating insight and wisdom research
  • Idea-focused Strategic Planning
  • The Hidden Agenda
  • The Killer Brief (Five Truths...To One Idea
  • Participation Process
  • Measurement & Impact



A deep understanding of the dynamics and nature of a contemporary brand, the confidence on instinct in data interpretation; the elements and dynamics of a breakthrough strategic procress.


Inspire, Encourage, and Equip your team to create  breakthrough creativity



   Sessions Include:



  • Leading a Creative Organization         (Taming of the Crew)
  • Creative Message Development
  • Spotting the Idea
  • Selling the Idea (Secretes of The Allen Key)
  • Profiling and Presentation Tips                 (The Advocate's Approach)
  • Storytelling (The Hero's Journey)



An understanding of leading creative development; the uniqueness of the creative persona and how to motivate them; the ability to spot and nurture greatness; advocacy for breakthrough activity



We offer a wide range of unique experiences to suit you, from an on-going Performance Enhancement Program, to a one day immersion, right through to a three hour mini MasterClass. You decide:




Tutorials are one-on-one sessions that fit into the busy agendas of your special talent. For senior leaders and those you are grooming for success, tutorials offer participants a highly relevant and individual experience that they can apply with success the moment they leave the room.

Day Immersions


Day Immersions are highly inspirational and interactive workshops where participants have the opportunity to engage, exchange and create inspiring learning content. They are facilitated by experienced practitioners with a blend of lecture, workshop, dialogue and group exchange experiences.

Mini MasterClass


Our Mini-MasterClass series solves this dilemma: the team needs new skills and inspiration but it’s impossible to get them away for even a day. These content and dialogue rich workshops are an exciting condensed program that provide an intense subject immersion and give people the tools to apply straight away. All of our day immersions can be split into a condensed three hour Mini-MasterClass format.

Program Design


"I will be a better marketer, agency partner, and leader for it."

Kym Parks


"As a copywriter you have certainly inspired me to reconsider the art of writing for pitches. Which is timely since I have come back to the news we have two exciting pitches coming up!"

Kym Parks


We examine what it means to market a 21st century brand and lead idea-focused brand strategy development.

We explore what it takes to achieve category breaking creativity, and how to shape an organization to be champions of great creative work.

"The outcome of an engagement with re:kap will be greater clarity about how strategically you are going to grow and that endures."

Tony Wright



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