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“It was an absolute pleasure to have you come and speak at Google. I had lots of people come and see me and tell me what a wonderful Authors@ session it was. You are certainly an inspirational speaker and it certainly sent our teams away thinking about The Hidden Agenda!”


Abby Codd,

Associate Industry Manager, Technology

Speaking engagements have taken Kevin Allen from Shanghai to Saudi Arabia.

A highly engaging and inspirational speaker, Kevin Allen can be booked to deliver growth workshops, seminars and programs for high potential leaders, key managers – in short, anyone mandated with propelling their business forward and maximizing their company’s effectiveness.


Kevin Allen’s current keynote speeches include:



The Hidden Agenda

A proven way to win business and create a following.


The Winning Pitch

How to compel people to embrace your product or idea.


The Buoyant Leader

How to galvanize your employee community.


“re:kap is an extraordinary resource. Founded by Kevin Allen, a legendary rainmaker with style and panache who will enable you and your people to rediscover senses of persuasion and advocacy that have been tragically dulled by a world of search engines, apps, processes, and way too many presentations in the boilerplate archive. He’s a walking, talking testament to the principles, ‘We all want to be sold, and must be served.’ We could have booked one of so many pop management evangelists for our meeting and ginned up the organization for a few weeks. Instead, we invited Kevin Allen, and he changed our agency forever.”


Rick Segal

President Worldwide & CPO

Example Programs




re:kap creates a highly memorable, inspirational and galvanizing experience. We help you shape the theme, deliver an electrifying keynote, and create an environment of innovation. Utilizing facilitation techniques such as: “Open Space” with the “Law of Two Feet”, leaving your people inspired, motivated and equipped.

Front Runners


Your company is performing at the top of it’s game. The pressing challenge for a successful leader is how to create a new real ambition for the organization, to stave off the competition, employee attrition, apathy and calcification.


Front Runners is designed to reset the ambitions of the organization for future growth and success, avoiding the inevitable decline if nothing is done.

The Brangelists


With brands now squarely in the board room, the pressing need for the business to think like a brand is acute.


This experience imparts definition, meaning and relevance of the brand idea to galvanize the direction of the organization in the spirit of its brand. Turning a special community of employees into company wide brand evangelists.


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MasterClass Series


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