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“Planet Jockey is the perfect training for anyone who wants to get into a fast track in their next big role. The game combines the human side of the business and some fun, engaging simulation with a focus on the actual outcome for the user. ”

 Fabio Tambosi - Nike


“The people behind Planet Jockey must have a clear love for sharing knowledge in a playful and highly motivating way, and that collective passion has created something really great. ”  -

     Spark 44


“Love at first click! Many many learnings and experiences which are provided with an easiness – you almost forget that the topics are work-related and have the purpose to be beneficial for your managing skills and thus for your career. Great game with great insights!" - Spark44


“Better delivery method than any other training I've had." –

Player, Cisco


“Hands down the most fun I’ve ever had learning”

-Arizona State University




“We observed increased self-regard, self-confidence, and a foundation for a healthier and more professional self-image... a number of students returning to discuss the techniques and skills acquired from the simulation that were immediately applied in their workplaces.”


– Dr. Michael Sutton, Westminster College


"My students have said this is the most fun and engaging way to learn about leadership, and they're even telling their friends and colleagues to take this course!”


– Professor Amanda Hess, Arizona State University


Student Feedback:


“Hands down the most fun I’ve ever had learning... I really hope that there are more programs like this one as I continue to work towards my degree in organizational leadership.”


“It was very inspiring and it made a seemingly impossible, intimidating process of going through the ranks of a company seem very possible.”





Arizona State Player Feedback


I really enjoyed the Planet Jockey simulation. It was interesting to play this game from a leadership perspective. I enjoyed the explanations on both sides after each scenario. Being a good leader of a company is definitely hard work and a lot of outside the box decision making. The balance that a leader must make between heeding the advice of the board and truly being passionate all the while being a buoyant leader among the staff.


The Case of the Missing Cutlery was a fantastic short read which I actually lent out this book to a coworker who recently assumed the responsibilities of managing a very results oriented department. I felt that this book was very applicable to my past in how to approach problems and how to really get people to follow you. A lot of discussion in this book had a lot of similarities with what we were learning in the Planet Jockey simulations.



The next insightful activity I am going to talk about is Planet Jockey. This was Hands down the most fun ive ever had learning. Before this class I had pretty much come to terms that learning is a dry boring experience. I had so much fun with planet jockey that I finished it within a few days of its launch. Planet Jockey is a basic CEO simulation which drops the player into the shoes of a brand new CEO for a failing company called Planet Jockey. Planet jockey had me making decisions in order to turn this company around. In the beginning it taught me how to meet my team and make a good impression so I could present new goals and ideas to my team. It showed me to share my vision with my team as well as stand by that vision. Later in the game Planet Jockey had me looking at proposed emails to send to the whole company and it made me make the choice to leave them as they are, edit them, or rewrite them completely. As the game went on the choices got more difficult and carried more weight. But at the end I managed to successfully turn around my company. I really hope that there are more programs like this one as I continue to work towards my degree in organizational leadership.


The case of missing cutlery was also very interesting. It told the story of a young man who work his way up through his company using his own leadership techniques. It was very inspiring and it made a seemingly impossible, intimidating process, of going through the ranks of a company seem very possible. It made the idea of moving through a company seem very realistic with the right skill set. It also taught me about a very important concept that will go on to help me in my leadership career. It taught me about buoyancy. Buoyancy is described as the relationship between leader and follower where the leader is kept afloat by his followers because they believe in him. I really liked this because that’s how I feel with my followers. I believe in them, and in turn they believe in me, it becomes a constant cycle of support that is fueled by the belief that we are in the positions where we belong.



Planet Jockey & The Case of the Missing Cutlery – Probably my favorite part of the class was Planet Jockey. I loved the cartoon, I liked the scenarios and enjoyed that there was an explanation for both right and wrong answers. The scenarios actually made me think how I could apply the solutions to my everyday career and my future new career. The Case of the Missing Cutlery – I liked reading the book and how it was real life. When I read book I felt I could relate to the author and his experiences he had. It was an easy read, quick to the point and relatable.


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