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"The most remarkable and sustainable transformations occur when there is a magical combination of individual growth, team motivation and a focused company ambition."

-Kevin Allen, CEO, Re:kap


Our Clients


“Working with Kevin Allen is eye-opening. His creative thinking combined with his innate drive for results is a winning combination in a business transformation company . He has enabled massive growth by unlocking the innovation within us.


—Burberry PLC



“Kevin has a big personality and is a compelling storyteller, you could tell the team loved his colourful anecdotes. He inspired the Microsoft central marketing organisation, it was fantastic to hear and learn from Kevin’s experience and listen to such relevant and useful examples of building iconic brands through his people skills and beliefs . ”


—Philippa Snare, Senior Director of Marketing Communications, Microsoft UK



“Don’t just schedule a speaker for your next meeting, book a strategic inflection point instead: Kevin Allen. We could have booked one of so many pop management evangelists for our meeting and ginned up the organization for a few weeks. Instead, we invited Kevin Allen, and he changed our agency forever. ”


—Rick Segal, President Worldwide & Chief Practice Officer, Gyro



“There is an aura, an energy, a passion and openness that accompanies Kevin into every exchange. It’s infectious, endlessly optimistic, it always makes a difference.”


—David Bell, Chairman Emeritus, The Interpublic Group



“The outcome of an engagement with Kevin Allen will be greater clarity about how strategically you are going to grow and that endures.”


—Tony Wright, Chairman, Lowe Worldwide








Praise for The Hidden Agenda…


“The secret to winning new business.”






“The Hidden Agenda lays out a blueprint for determining the hidden agendas of decision makers – and in the process transcend persuasion and create connections.”


—Jeff Haden, Inc. Magazine



“The Hidden Agenda makes the invaluable link between understanding your audience’s motivation and creating success. It also reveals some of the secret tactics that Kevin has used to help change businesses around the world. It all begins with that simple, timeless practice of connecting with people on a much deeper level. Don’t miss the remarkable teachings of this unusual book and author.”


—Dan Schawbel, best-selling author and owner of Millennial Branding



“This man gets in people’s heads.”





“Kevin Allen is the Picasso of the high art of the new business development and he has finally shared his magical techniques with the rest of us. A must-read! “


—Larry Weber, Chairman and CEO of W2 Group, author of Everywhere:


Comprehensive Digital Business Strategy for the Social Media Era

“A modern day Don Draper, Allen shows that he knows how to sell because he knows what his audience will buy.”


—Publishers Weekly



“Kevin Allen has a powerful ability to turn insight into winning results. InThe Hidden Agenda, he turns his approach into a discipline we can all use to drive results and win more consistently.”


— Andy Janowski, COO, Burberry



“Kevin Allen is a one-of-a-kind person and unequivocally successful in his approach to business growth. Although I would far prefer to have Kevin around the office at all times,The Hidden Agenda is a perfect substitute and a great way to have access to his style, generosity, and wisdom.”


—Björn Larsson, CMO, SVP, Swedbank


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