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"The most remarkable and sustainable transformations occur when there is a magical combination of individual growth, team motivation and a focused company ambition."

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The Hidden Agenda

Driving Business Growth Through Emotional Intelligence.

Through his years of successfully pitching ideas, veteran ad man Allen has seen a pattern emerge: pitches aimed directly at the emotional needs of decision makers are winners. In The Hidden Agenda, Allen describes in practical terms an entirely new way to compel people to follow you and embrace what you are selling. The Hidden Agenda lays out concrete steps to identify the emotional “who” you are reaching, “what” special elements you can use to connect, and “how” through special techniques he developed over years of pitching you invite people to follow you.


This entertaining book moves at a rapid clip and is full of lively anecdotes of hard-won advertising campaigns. From Mastercard’s iconic “Priceless” campaign to Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaign, Kevin Allen has seen first-hand how to effectively find, connect, and speak to the Hidden Agenda to win business unfailingly, every time.

“The Hidden Agenda lays out a blueprint for determining the hidden agendas of decision makers – and in the process transcend persuasion and create connections.”


—Jeff Haden, Inc. Magazine

Comprehensive Digital Business Strategy for the Social Media Era

“A modern day Don Draper, Allen shows that he knows how to sell because he knows what his audience will buy.”


—Publishers Weekly


A Leadership Course for the Rising Star

As a young manager at an airline catering facility, Kevin had to find out why silverware was disappearing at a rapid clip. The route to solving this mystery of The Case of the Missing Cutlery results in Kevin learning to rise to the occasion, to become a leader who inspires followers and is able to rely on their hard work and support. Kevin has called upon this story countless times during his long career in advertising, and has shared it broadly on the BBC’s Radio 4 program, “Four Thought.”

“This man gets in people’s heads.”



“The secret to winning new business.”



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